What Trump is intent on



Trump has severe knowledge deficits and personal character traits that have been deliberately magnified. 

Darwin was singularly credited with a theory, despite a second individual deriving that same concept simultaneously. Deploying that case in our Victorian religious era, where the reason social justice and the anti-slavery movement attained such momentum, was that Jesus’s imminent return led to the determination that society would make things morally right before He returned.

That event still drives the split between the Christian faithful and the godless scientist. Survival of only the fittest, and now the new social Darwinism that Jeb Bush referred to when demanding millions evacuate. If you disobey, we will abandon you.

That resounds with the “Rapture” and the multibillion book and movie industry that keeps reinventing the storyline. “Left Behind” by LaHaye and Jenkins, was created in 1980 under GHW Bush, with Reagan as titular and popular figurehead. The CIA use of psychiatry, sociology, psychology, media and university assets had very limited Congressional findings in 1977. Ongoing review of hypnosis, subliminals, influence tactics and new applied sciences has never been revisited.

Mr. Trump is ignorant, not racist. The global threat index has never been higher, including that of WWII. Bending the knee is perceived by DJT as “disrespect of the country and the flag.” He knows the threats as potential and active, whereby he is trying desperately to unite us all, not for Party, but for survival as a Constitutional Republic, willing and able to organize as militia, as resource groups, as political participants and partners.

His view is grossly distorted and the means by which he thinks to impose or attain it are wrong. He is genuinely trying to correct an already long existing and continuously reimposed deadly incomprehension and denial by Congress, who misplaced the knowledge of the sciences, tech and tactics that endanger our country and world. King Abdullah stated we are in WWIII by other means. Trump explicitly denied that.

The Bible says, “Even the elect will be deceived.” The logic that subsequently follows is, they themselves become the deceivers. 

Laura L. Coker