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Jeremiah and Angela Alvarado (formerly Tenan) head off on a big city adventure to Memphis starting off in a Walmart parking lot in this short introductory episode. In this collection of candid exchanges between a newly married couple, join in their adventure as they travel from small town Eureka Springs to the big city(ies).

Producer Jeremiah Alvarado denies that the game Dungeons and Dragons involves sex and promises to show the boys a real good time anyway. Harry Potter is dissed and dismissed, last week’s White Street Walk is briefly reviewed, and Richard Pille visits the Eureka Springs Farmers’ Market and has a pretty good time. The boys close the show by discussing the price of food, consumer and producer equity, and food distribution. Folks, thanks for tuning in!

The always ebullient and effervescent T.Racy Johnson showcases the local music scene with the best singers and songwriters in and about our lovely little town. Hear tunes played and sung at Chelsea’s, Brews, and the best Open Mic opportunities anywhere. T.Racy is right: Music is Medicine for the Soul!

Jeremiah Alvarado stuns the boys with a harrowing tale of radiation—well maybe, maybe not—in our drinking water. Meanwhile, Richard Pille talks about the politics of inclusion, and Kent Crow wisely sticks to the beauty and fun of our annual May Festival of the Arts. Jeep Fest is upon us, Zeke and Dick have baked cookies for the White Street Walk, and Brews has a little Rose on hand for you. Gotta Love the month of May!  

Thank you, loyal listeners, for telling us that we’re full of expletive deleted…and for a couple of nice shout-outs from folks in Green Forest, Fayetteville, and towns unknown. Is it true that any Democrat will lose any election—even against a road-killed armadillo—if that RKA is a GOP? Is it a fact that there is no place like home? Even if home is at the bottom of the barrel? And how’s our Death Row Batting Average? Can Arkansas beat Somalia? Find out the answers to these questions, and more, on this week’s program. And folks, thanks for tuning in!

We’re 48! We’re 48! Yup, that’s right! Out of 50 states, Arkansas is the 48th best, at least according to US News and World Report. But what do they know? As Buckaroo Banzai said, “Wherever you go, there you are,” and we’re dang glad to be in Arkansas. Richard Pille and Kent Crow discuss the magazine’s ranking of states, the state of the Democratic Party, and Richard watches Kent give local media a hot time. Dan Krotz serves as an innocent bystander. Thanks for tuning in!

Your crack(ed) reporters were on the scene at this week’s 1st Annual First Amendment Parade in Eureka Springs. We watched folks celebrating their rights to assemble, to peaceably raise hell, for a free press, and to organize as that most unorganized bunch of people, church goers. Along the way, we did on the spot Woman on the Street interviews with Mary Pat Boian, Jean Elderwind, Jillian Guthrie, Francis Devilla, and Peg Adamson, and ran into Don Matt, Jeremiah Alvarado, Richard Pille, and parade organizer Kent Crow. Folks, thanks for tuning in!

Dan Krotz presents an interview with the Carroll County Democratic Party Chairman, Charles Templeton. They discuss a bit of Charles’ history and the future of the Democratic Party in the county

What’s the difference between being an activist or a slacktivist? Is Slacktivism generational – damn you, Millenials! – or does it occur in all generations? Are Baby Boomers at fault for why the Orange Guy is in the White House? Or, did the lame-o Democrats put him there? Will activism fix what ails our politics? Will slacktivism? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this week’s Olio Radio of the Ozarks!

Richard Pille presents an in-depth interview with local heroine Jillian Guthrie who has been one of the driving forces behind the rebirth and reorganization of the Carroll County Democratic Party. Richard and Jillian discuss her attempts to find a political home in Carroll County, the Old Guard’s cold should and closed door, and what she did about it. And what did she do? She persisted. Thanks to Jillian, and folks like her, the Carroll County Democratic is open for business—on both sides of the county

Richard Pille, Kent Crow, and Jeremiah Alvarado take a further look at the Carroll County Democrats. What more can they say about it? Plenty, it turns out. Hot Shots from Party Headquarters are rushing up to save the Status Quo, demands are made for change—as long as it looks like 1996—and party newbies gaze into a thousand yard stare. But look on the bright side! Crow says that life will go on, and Truth, Justice and the American Way shall prevail. Pille is not so sure, and Alvarado takes the 5th.

In a special episode of Olio Radio of the Ozarks, Mary Pat Boian interviews John Fuller Cross. They hop from topic to topic starting at history of the Fuller House and making their way at the end to the White River, Eureka Springs and Tourism.

Jeremiah Alvarado, Richard Pille, and Dan Krotz discuss the Carroll County Democratic Party’s Quarterly meeting. Officer elections were attempted, and then postponed. Eureka Springs’ Charles Templeton was elected Party Chair over Levi Phillips – Though the state may say otherwise. While Jeremiah and Richard fail to see a light at the end of the tunnel, Dan works to brighten their perspectives.

Richard Pille, Kent Crow, and Jeremiah Alvarado return this week to continue their discussion on protest movements. Afterwards they jump into conversation about “free press” and its importance (or lack thereof) to a free society.

Richard Pille, Kent Crow, and Jeremiah Alvarado sit down to discuss protests and the act of protesting. When and is it effective? Where is the youth? These are just a few questions Richard and Kent muse over while Jeremiah is disgruntled about the entire process. Have a question or comment? You can email OlioRadioOzarks@gmail.com or info@ozarkradiohour.com.

Dan Krotz covers the bases for regular hosts Richard Pille and Kent Crow as they conduct research on protest and protest movements. Dan also describes some new and planned improvements to the program and invites members of our various communities to be on the program. Valentine’s Day is celebrated and “All the News from Berryville” has a take on effective involvement with our political parties. Best of all, local hero Don Matt, accompanied by Scott Thompson, sings a wonderful song titled Load your Wagon. Folks, thanks for tuning in.

This week Mary Pat Boian and Jeremiah Alvarado sit down and talk with Jay Fusaro, Board President at the Good Shepherd Humane Society. They learn about what GSHS does for the animals in their care and some of the plans and goals that GSHS has for the future such as out-of-state adoptions, new outdoor kennels and an improved website. If you are looking to volunteer or adopt from the Good Shepherd Humane Society or just looking for more information call (479) 253-9188 or go to goodshepherd-hs.org.