What the public had to say at council


Steve Yorbeck took complaints about the re-enactment of the bank robbery on Sept. 8 personally because he was part of the show. He said the presentation was indeed rehearsed, and those who complained are “ignorant of how this was put together.” He claimed the event is put on by volunteers who put a lot of time into it. “Great pains were taken to make it historically accurate,” he said, and he heard nothing but positive reviews. He said he did not see Schneider, who had complained at the previous council meeting, at any of the rehearsals. He challenged the complainers to volunteer next year.

Jack Byrne then thanked the city for erecting a Yield sign at the intersection of Douglas and Flint, but said it’s still a blind corner that needs more marking and a curb for safety. He claimed there is no indication of who has the right-of-way at the intersection, and through traffic is increasing. He urged the city to take action.

Eric Knowles encouraged council not to contribute to giving away the city’s residential base by approving the request for a CUP at 13 Thomas Drive. He said the residents in the area deserve to wake up and know who their neighbors are. He also pointed out city hall has not responded to his complaints about non-functioning streetlights.

Other business

  • Council approved the third reading of Ord. 2273 that levies the tax on real and personal property.
  • Mayor Butch Berry and alderman Mickey Schneider pointed out streetlights are not the responsibility of the city but the utility companies.
  • Berry wanted citizens to know the city contracted with Matchpoint Incorporated of North Carolina to perform a water loss audit. Leak detection services began Sept. 24, and would continue through Oct. 5. The work will be done primarily on the weekend and at night. Some meters will need to be temporarily disconnected, but customers will be notified in advance. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the water delivery system, and it is paid for by the Infrastructure Improvement funds.

Next meeting will be Monday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m.