We’ve been hoodwinked


Dear Steve Womack,

You might want to consider bidding on Roy Moore’s horse. You may need it to ride out on.

As the representative of a poor district of a poor state, for you to vote for a transfer of wealth of the magnitude of a permanent 13 to 15 percent reduction in the corporate tax rate for the upper one-tenth of one percent, and a scattering of temporary cuts to the working and middle classes, is like John D. Rockefeller scattering dimes to starving street urchins. It is rank, obnoxious, “in our faces” hypocrisy, and since we are not urchins, it cannot be ignored.

If you represented the Hamptons, it would at least make a kind of harsh, bottom-line “return on investment for my constituents” sense.

But here, in hard-pressed Arkansas?

The fact that it’s legalized theft and tied with a nice Merry Christmas bow as though that would be the Christian thing to do, only makes it all the more outrageous.

If, by passing this obscenity, you tack on another $1.5 trillion (and that’s just a very doctrinaire conservative estimate) to the deficit, a deficit about which you will resume your howlings come Spring to further cut public services… well, what are we to think? That deficits are apparently only a problem if they are of some benefit to the poor and the struggling – us? But no barrier at all when it comes to firing up the mint to put inflated money in Trump’s and Mnuchin’s and Wilbur Ross’s vastly overstuffed pockets?

Sir, there’s not one single chicken in Arkansas who’s that dumb.

Voting for this grand national larceny of Mr. Trump’s leads to the inescapable conclusion that the average citizens of Third District of Arkansas have been hoodwinked into sending our own worst enemy to represent us in Washington.

At least take the deficit-counter off your site. There’s no point in rubbing it in.

Brad Bailey


  1. Brad, thank you for your post, several horses are needed

    Let me extend your observations to the other members of the Arkansas Congressional Delegation, and our honorable senators Cotton and Boozman

    Dr. Boozman posted on FB a bar chart for the “tax cut” using percentages, trying to show low and mid income were getting the best deal. The chart was prepared by the Joint Committe on Taxation, and Boozman uses the chart to explain the tax scam.

    I used Excel to draw a bar chart using Boozman’s data, for the dollar amount for each category. This is the honest way to present the data. Looking at the $ amount clearly shows the Fat Cats get most of the money.

    Boozman’s chart is not only false, but is based on magical thinking. Where are the trillions of dollars coming from? How is it possible to change the tax legislation and create wealth for everyone?

    Boozman suffers from willing Innumeracy, an incurable disease. Boozman does not know what his chart says and why everyone else can spot the lie. This is a scam on a scam.

    Disclaimer: I met John Boozman at Eureka Springs. He offered me a cookie. My comments are not intended to be only on John, they apply to all the people we pay for to represent us in DC. You know who you are. Boozman is a cool name, saves me to mention all the rest.

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