Ward 3, Position 1


Incumbent alderman Terry McClung commented he is running again with the intention of doing what is best for the community. Of his 40 years in Eureka Springs, he spent 20 as a volunteer firefighter, plus he has served on the Planning Commission, the Chamber board and city council. He said the city is headed in the right direction because it is focusing on stabilizing its financial situation.

Joyce Knowles said citizens need easier modern access to city records, and she has a plan for fixing the sidewalks without burdening homeowners. She claimed a medical marijuana dispensary in town would do wonders for the economy and would bring Eureka Springs back to its healing roots.

When asked what skills they have for building unity, McClung replied he has seen the town in good times and bad, and his experience in business and government indicates the town will survive and prosper. He contended the city has been taking steps to improve infrastructure.

Knowles said as an insurance underwriter she was able to negotiate new solutions no one had thought of before. She would bring that experience to fixing the sidewalks, for example. She stated if you show folks the facts, they would come around to new ideas.

They were also asked how council would bring in new industries. Knowles observed council does not bring in jobs, but it could pave the way for medical marijuana to come to town, and jobs and more revenue for the city would follow. She also urged the city to find further uses for the Auditorium.

McClung commented tourism still needs support and attention. He has been a member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Development, which continues to look for ways to attract new businesses such as small “green” businesses which fit with the character of the town.