Voting Results


Eleven thousand six hundred and seventy-seven voters in 13 precincts of Carroll County cast votes for the November 2020 election. There was an unexpected setback in counting when 1,843 absentee votes that were fed into voting machines in order to be printed and re-inserted into a tabulator. The procedure didn’t dovetail and that problem was traced back to a calibration bungle from the point of origin, Election Systems & Software in Omaha, Neb.

It took another day to set things right, but the tally, which is unofficial until the state certifies the count, is:


U.S. Congress District 3

Steve Womack (R)          7,517

Celeste Williams (D)       3,731


State Representative District 97

Harlan Breaux (R)            3,908

Suzie Bell (D)                 3,671


Justice of the Peace District 3

Harrie Farrow (D)            864

Fergie Stewart (R)           425


Eureka Springs

Alderman Ward 1 Position 2

LauraJo Smole    596

Susan Harman     500

Ward 2 Position 1

Melissa Greene    769

Michael Seals     354

Ward 2 Position 2

Bill Ott             573

Bob Thomas      549

Ordinance 2297 regarding a permanent Entertainment District

Against              641

For                   518

Ordinance 2292 regarding a repeal of a permanent Entertainment with a sunset clause

For                   603

Against              548

Ordinance to abolish the Historic District Commission

Against              854

For                   319


Holiday Island

Incorporation as a city

For                   789

Against              708


Daniel Kees        849

Russell Baxter    491

Town Recorder/Treasurer

Wesley Stille      1244


Position 1

Lynn Dumas       703

Rick Chambers   599

Position 3

Linda Graves      882

Susan Rosen       449

Position 5

Jerry Don Pittman768

Barbara Talbot    548

President of the United States

Trump/Pence      7352

Biden/Harris       3941

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