Transparency is key



I understand the principles behind some council members’ reluctance to get involved with or guide civil organizations in order to better serve the community and be 100% transparent with the community – so answer me this: 

If you won’t guide civil organizations in how to operate in order to help the greater community, why are you wanting to get into bed with one? Isn’t the Community Center of Commerce a private 501(c) (3) civic organization begging the city for the ability to write millions of dollars in grants under the guise of it potentially being on city property? Or is it just about the money and power involved in this deal that makes it “OK?” The logic is failing me on this one.

To me, the city getting involved with this 501(c)(3) would in fact set a precedent for getting involved with the operation of civic organizations and in the case of the ESCCF they most certainly are not being transparent. Anyone can see that, based on the board structure and special interests appointed to it. 

Cameron DeNoewer