Timothy Paul Bolerjack Dec. 6, 1981 – Sept. 27, 2018


Timothy’s journey on earth has ended and he has begun the next. He had struggled with diabetes for about eight years, and it had gotten progressively more difficult. He succumbed during a diabetic coma on the evening of Sept. 27, and was surrounded by love during his transition. His lovely Jennifer was there; his son, Shane; his stepson, Kainean, and other loving friends and family. The EMTs and other health professionals worked tirelessly to restore him, but it was not meant to be. We all had to let him go. It was painful beyond imagining and yet, we all knew that he was already experiencing the ceaseless wonder of all that awaits.

Timothy was the son of David and Pamela Bolerjack, the brother of Derek with wife, Leah, and nephew Lewis.

Timothy really liked cats… enough said about that except to note that never in his life was he without one or two or three. He was a tireless watcher of Star Trek, a pretty good cook, loved video games, and liked to fish. He was kind and really funny, and it was a known fact that he could not keep a secret. His dry wit often overwhelmed him and he would just giggle… sometimes to our delight and sometimes to our consternation.

Timothy lived in Berryville surrounded by extended family, growing up with cousins with whom he spent many adventures… some he could tell us about. He leaves behind several lifelong friends With Jennifer, he was introduced to his second extended family, the Taylors, whom he also loved dearly.

Timothy enjoyed working first as a sandwich artist at several Subway’s and later he worked for the Crescent and Basin Park Hotels in Eureka Springs. He was most recently employed by SunFest at Holiday Island as the Dairy Manager. Timothy took great pride in customer service everywhere he worked.

Timothy had a way about him that affected us all. He made us love him and be drawn to him. We felt protective of him and protected by him. You know he would, if he could, crack a joke now or just quietly hug us.   He wouldn’t want to be the cause of our sadness and pain. We remember fondly that he was also the source of a lot of our joy. If only we had not let him be the administrator on all of our accounts.

Now he really would think that is funny.

Indeed, we love him very much.

We are calling the service for Timothy Paul Bolerjack a “Timapolooza” because we will be creating art, poetry, and enjoying lots of good food and music. “Timapolooza” will be held on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018 from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at the House of Blessing Retreat Center on Moore Mountain near Eureka Springs.

“The autumn of the soul’s journey is reflected as the earth world changes its point of view, turning toward the radiant impulses of the nourishing and life-sustaining sun. Please allow the Light of Truth to play across your own landscape, not only reflecting the season’s changing hues, but also the growth that you can lovingly anticipate in the infinite succession of moments within eternity.”

I am always with you, Sri Gary

A memorial fund for his family has been opened at the First National Bank of North Arkansas. Online condolences may be sent to the family at nelsonfuneral.com. © Nelson Funeral Service, Inc. 2018.