This Week’s Independent Thinkers March 13, 2019


One of the joys of living is looking in a dog’s eyes.

The cross-country team at St. Joseph High School in an ever-lovely California community on the Santa Barbara coast, knows that early morning runs are where it’s at. Runs are good for the heart, hair, brain and complexion.

More than half a million boys and girls know that the bliss of going to school is what happens when they’re not in school – they’re running on unpaved, sloppy, muddy, uneven ground. They’re breathing hard. They’re pushing their whole body, getting stronger, increasing deep thought and dismissing harrowing pain.

Let’s get back to the heart.

The runners at St. Joe’s decided to go to the animal shelter and pair up with homeless dogs. They leashed the dogs and took them on their runs.

The runners got a kick in their step, the dogs got an exhilarating ritual, the early risers who saw the dogs and runners started appreciating high school kids, and we were touched.

As usual.

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