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Psychological accessibility was not on our list of what we know about, but now we get it.

Playgrounds are for kids. Except in China, and now Canada, Germany, England and other evolved places.

For quite some time health has been a concern for an aging population. Seniors who once rode bikes and jogged are not doing that and not missing it because those are individual sports.

Seniors are gathering at playgrounds where the equipment is designed with them in mind. They dance, do tai chi, stretch with pulldowns and add light cardio. All together. Sometimes 100 of them.

Traditional Chinese Medicine guidelines go back to the 3rd century and exalt waking up early and participating in collective exercise.

Elliptical machines aren’t the same as shooting hoops, but they help with balance, dexterity and stamina.

And visits to the ER and public healthcare costs diminish.

Plus, fun.

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