This is what happens when you paint stripes on a drizzly day


The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Dept. road crew got orders from headquarters in Little Rock for Hwy. 23, a main artery into Eureka Springs from the north and south, to go ahead and paint yellow center lines on the newly resurfaced and already wet road from Planer Hill to north of town. The paint is said to be non-toxic and water-soluble, however this is also when 400 Corvettes are in town for the 32nd Annual Corvette Weekend.

The yellow paint has been rushing down Leatherwood Creek, through the sewage treatment plant, and onward to Table Rock Lake.
Corvette owners say they have had their parked cars splashed and little luck in wiping the yellow paint off. In addition, people crossing the streets are tracking the yellow paint into shops.

There is a claims division of the AHTD, (501) 682-1619.


  1. Thank you for this story.

    Many people in Eureka were concerned and called to report the mess.

    The picture shows yellow water … is that what water-soluble means?

    Paint used by Highway Departments is meant to last a long time and the chemicals used are toxic; it may be said to be non-toxic but how would you know?

    Stay safe — don’t drink yellow water

    Can we trust the Arkansas Highway Department to paint wet roads?

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