The Pursuit of Happiness


In a 9-minute news conference, Robert Mueller summarized his investigation and report. He said Donald Trump acts like a pig, sounds like a pig, and looks like a pig, but it is up to Congress to call him a pig. Congressional Republicans aren’t going to let that happen. As long as they can borrow Chinese money to fake a healthy American economy, they’ll put lipstick on their pig and call him Honey.   

Malcolm Moos, an Eisenhower-era moderate Republican strategist wrote a book, The End of the Republican Establishment, in 1965 about how Lyndon Johnson thrashed Barry Goldwater. Moos’s thesis was that the typical GOP voter – small business people, middle-class Protestants, and operators of large corporations – would be unable to relate to the party’s newest members who were primarily segregationists from the south, and atavists and nationalists from everywhere. Obviously, Moos was wrong; they got along just fine and ushered in the administrations of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Daddy and Baby Bush.

During the early days of the Trump Administration, Republican Party leaders assumed they could control Trump –that he’d show up when the camera was on and leave the day-to-day management of government to them. That way, they’d be free to carry on with the supply-side economics hustle they’re really, truly, and deeply committed to. They didn’t know he’d never get off camera, or that he’d actually say what goes on in the secretive hearts and minds of the Republican establishment. Now, they’re so afraid of him they’ll hide a battleship named after a guy he didn’t like.

Supply-side economics, by the way, originated with the Islamic philosopher Ibn Khaldun and has been responsible for making the Middle East the economic paradise it has been for the last 800 years. But who cares about that? As long as we can borrow money for tax cuts for guys like Jeff Bezos and the Koch Brothers, we’ll be fine. Jeff and the Brothers are raining cash on us. Trickle, trickle. You feel it, right?

With Trump’s guidance, every man will become the Sheikh of Araby. Why would you want to get rid of a pig like that?


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