The pig days of summer


Council deferred the agenda item that pertains to animal law changes, but that didn’t stop protesters from making their opinions known when the subject segued to pet pigs at Monday’s meeting. Residents and non-residents voiced interest in the pigs remaining in Eureka Springs with public comments and signage. Non-resident Lisa Parker-Stiles held up a sign throughout the meeting in support of owning pigs as pets.

One person persisted saying he should get more than three minutes to voice his opinion on why residents should not have their pet pigs taken away from them, including the threat of legal action. Friends of the pet pigs and their owner spoke to council asking for tolerance. 

Marilyn Sloas said her pet pigs are definitely not livestock. Miss Piggy, her female pig, is known for wearing hats.  She said they love to be dressed up for Halloween and are just like owning a dog or cat. Sloas pleaded with council to just let her pigs live in peace, “Please just leave us alone – I just want to go to work and go home and love on my kids [referring to her pet pigs].” 

Sloas said tourists staying at the neighboring bed and breakfast, referring to that which is owned by alderman Susan Harman, have enjoyed the whimsy of a pet pig next door and said that they told her they would definitely revisit to see the pigs again. After her speech, the audience applauded.