The art of the steal



Here is more depressing information for hardworking citizens and retirees who live on Social Security after working for 50 or so years:

  1. The “President” – who was “elected” by Putin – and the Tea Partiers and remaining lackey Republicons want to “reform” the tax code thereby giving the rich huge tax cuts and the workers a very tiny cut;
  2. [Trump] is inquiring of his lawyers how he can “legally” fire Mueller and also pardon himself, his family and his sorry ass appointees;
  3. [Trump] has done absolutely nothing for the people who voted for him, much less for LGBT people, immigrants, the elderly, sick children, farmers, workers who lost their jobs because of automation or leaving for Mexico; but, he has installed his relatives and campaign cheats so that they can receive salaries, benefits and flights on the government dime. 
  4. He throws fits, rants and raves in the White House and only a very few Republicons comment on his erratic behavior.
  5. His personal wealth comes from not paying workers, stealing other peoples’ land for golf courses, crooked bank “deals” in Ukraine, and other dishonest and illegal “deals” where he swindled banks and working people.
  6. Once again, he has tried to drag Hillary through his mud and accuses the DNC of being the organization who colluded with the Russians in fixing his “election.”

Doesn’t it make you proud to be an American in a country that tolerates lies, dishonesty, power mongering and disdain for free and honest elections?

Trella Laughlin