Surveying surveys and Master Plans


The Sept. 3 Parks workshop began with all commissioners present, including newest member Scott Bardin. The process of writing the Master Plan began immediately with commissioner Christian Super presenting a rough timeline:

Present the public with a survey with 30 days to fill, then share results with commissioners at the November workshop; begin idea generation for the Master Plan at the January workshop with a possible town hall; and when the document is approved internally, present it to the public to refine it. The survey is available to fill out on the parks website

Bardin asked if the survey needed a question of the age group of those filling out the survey. Chair Bill Featherstone stated that if the survey was anonymous than there should be an age-group question.

Commissioners Dave Hartmann and Ruth Hager voiced concern about how the results would be skewed based on who would be willing to answer the survey. Super said that they will post to social media and wherever else would be useful, saying that he plans on being transparent so no one can say they weren’t.

Commissioners voiced that they were happy with the survey.

Cementing Committee rules

Featherstone read a draft of rules based on his experience of what does and does not work in committees. Hartmann asked if Parks should give committees their direction, stating that if a committee is formed it should be for a specific reason.

When the reading of the rules draft was finished, commissioners spoke of how each committee would be structured. Commissioners, while not giving specific demographic makeup for each committee, did take time to discuss what each committee might want to look like. Commissioners also discussed when it would be appropriate to have Director Justin Huss on a committee, deciding that they would decide as it came up.

As the final agenda item came to a close Featherstone asked if his document would be the “guiding light” for the committees. Commissioner Steven Foster wished to see the first person language and negativity taken out of the document, as well as it edited down to one page. Featherstone agreed and said he would rewrite it and share it with commissioners at a later date to get feedback.

The meeting ended with excited talk on the status of the Entertainment District ordinance going through city council. Commissioners saw it as a possibility for Parks to make money through events with Huss saying, “I only see it as growth.” Commissioners discussed Fat Tire Festival, which Parks is now in charge of, before the meeting drew to a close.

The next Parks meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Aud.