Staying lovely



I have seen many things go awry in my 84 years. It seems that quaint and obscure places known only to the “savvy” almost always get eventually ruined. The very qualities that people love are spoiled by “modernization.”

It is my opinion that the folks who want to do away with the Historic Commission cannot envision the ugly, square, “look alike” houses that will sprout up like the poisonous mushrooms that grow in our backyard (Galerina marginate).

Tourists, we all know, come to Eureka for the interesting old architecture, the whiff of “years gone by,” our quirkiness, live music, good restaurants and distinctive places to stay. They do not come to see more Sonics or other uninteresting and boring fast food joints.

We need to keep Eureka lovely and only fix whatever laws that might be impeding creative and artistic growth.

Trella Laughlin

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