Social order has crumpled



In 1775, the rifles the farmers brought with them were the weapons that created the state. That is why the government, in the 2nd Amendment, promised to not try to take away a man’s gun because that very gun had been instrumental in the 13 colonies’ successful struggle for freedom and independence. 

The individual’s gun is no longer necessary to the defense of the state. It is now considered the first line of defense of one’s home.

The state is unable to provide safe public places in which its children can learn. This is a failed state. And for that reason, because the government is failing to provide public safety to the citizens, the people are increasingly adamant in their opposition to any form of government presence in the weapons’ market. 

Obviously, this opposition to any form of regulation benefits the arms’ industry. But the people’s alarm is genuine. Social order has broken down.

David Zimmermann