Season snapping into gear


Springtime in the Ozarks brought 700 people to town recently, which CAPC Director Mike Maloney called a “great investment” of marketing support funds. At the May 10 meeting, Maloney showed commissioners two brief Made in Eureka videos that will soon be available on The first featured Grotto Wood Fired Grill and Wine Cave, which recently was named by Gov. Asa Hutchinson as Restaurant of the Year.

The second featured MacKenzie Doss and Edward Robison explaining their Eurekan Spectacle Augmented Reality Shakespearean Eureka Springs walking tour app which allows anyone with the app to point a smart phone at certain Eureka Springs locations and see instead a crew of actors performing scenes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Maloney said the videos were filmed by Sandy Martin of the Arts Council, and he plans to produce about 20 during the remainder of the year. He said anyone can apply on to be featured in a video, and anyone can submit a video for review.

He also mentioned the predominant theme in bicycling ads was to show someone cycling through the woods, so he and his team tried a contrasting approach, and magazines liked them because they were different.

RVs, classic cars cruising in

Sales Director Karen Pryor told commissioners 50 RVs are in town from the Red River RV Club, and the Teton Club International will be bringing in 50-60 more soon. At least 20 antique cars, members of the Lambda Car Club, will be cruising in from Missouri, Louisiana and Texas. Also, a small group of motorcyclists will roll into town toward the end of the month. Pryor will be hosting a group of tour leaders, mostly from Kansas, in August.

Pryor said she could not attend a recent Missouri Bank Travel Show, but because of her solid connection with the organizers she still got 32 leads that were disseminated around town.