Questions for Parks



Thanks to all of you at the Independent newspaper for all of your timely and complete coverage of our important local news without fear of reprisals.

Regarding the Parks and Recreation Commission: Where is their plan? How are they spending our tax dollars? What are their total profits by month and by quarter, this year versus last year and the year before? (Profits being defined as total sales minus all expenses).

Regarding planning at Parks and Recreation: What are the current and future plans (to the end of 2020 and the first half of 2021) for the city parks and Lake Leatherwood and Black Bass Lake?

What trails are designated for hikers, naturalists and bikers at the two city lake parks? What are the trail maintenance plans for all of these parks? Who are the personnel? And who are the managers?

And, of course, thank you again Pat Costner and Chris Fischer for all of the time and energy that you continue to expend for the good of us all.

Mike Shah

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