Power of the people



Although Arkansas Representative Leding said, “The President won fair and square. There’s no question about that.” Governor Hutchinson, another Republican, said the state would reveal “only partial information” that the vice-chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has requested.

This vice-chairman, Kris Kobach, is Secretary of State for Kansas. Trump’s ego is trying to prove he did win the popular vote by alleging voter fraud when he really just wants voter suppression.

This is all part of the Republican plan to deny the chicanery of Cheatolini’s team to collude with the Russians in denying Hillary Clinton the presidency. Putin never liked Secretary Clinton who did not kowtow to him or have any financial interest in doing business with the Russians.

There was no voter fraud by the Democrats, but plenty of evidence that the Republicans and this dishonest “President” bought and stole our election. You just watch: the Republicans who swore to uphold the Constitution will never investigate this Russian interference in our “democratic” election. Like this demand by Kobach to get all the information on our voters, they will do everything they can get away with to make sure the unlawfully elected “President” who is corrupt, a bully, a womanizer and a very ignorant, mean person will continue to line his – and their – pockets.

Why does Big Brother want all this information on us? If you trust this lying, corrupt administration, then go ahead and email everything about yourself to them, including your blood type and your favorite sex toy!

The Nazis were able to build their killing machine when good people said nothing. Putin has won and we are in serious trouble, in Arkansas and in our country!

T.A. Laughlin