Politicians are citizens first



Consider where we might be right now if Donald Trump had been a better leader.

We would have had months more preparation time and possibly lost a hundred thousand fewer lives.

We might have had vaccinations earlier.

We might have had testing equipment, PPE, and enough masks for everyone.

We might have had leadership from the President instead of pushing the leadership and organization of this pandemic off on 50 different states. That is 50 different populations, different leadership skills and different budgets.

Without Trump’s lack of leadership, we might have taken mask wearing, distancing, crowd avoidance and political “hit-lists.”

Without Trump, we might have had a smoother transition, allowing our new administration more time to prepare for Covid relief.

Without Trump we might not have a home-bred terrorist network who still believe his lies and throw money at him (to throw back to you?)

Without Trump, no insurrection, no tear-gassing demonstrators at the White House for a photo-op.

So the questions remain: How can anybody not vote to convict Trump of causing insurrection to overthrow our government, making it impossible for him to ever hold any political office? Surely Republican Party office holders are citizens first. Aren’t you?

Mike Shah (sent to Gov. Hutchinson, US Rep. Womack and AR Sen. Bob Ballinger)

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