Planning to study PUD more


The Planning Commission needed less than 30 minutes to conduct business Sept. 26 as discussion of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) for low rent housing units on Passion Play Road was postponed. According to City Economic Development Coordinator Glenna Booth, the application “needs looking over.”

Commissioners agreed they need to know more about what City Code says regarding PUDs, and commissioner Tom Buford said the developer might want to turn the property into a subdivision at some point in the future, so the commission should be prepared. Commissioners asked what kinds of conditions could they impose, for example.

Chair Melissa Greene suggested they add PUDs to their homework list.

Other items

  • Commissioners were satisfied with their new definitions for wedding venues and private events, but commissioner Doug Breitling suggested they hold onto them for now because they still are not finished working with city council on the previous set of recommended changes to Code.
  • Commissioner Susan Harman confirmed with City Advertising and Promotion Commission Finance Director Rick Bright that the 180-day rule for being delinquent on the CAPC tax begins on the date the last unpaid CAPC tax was due.
  • Commissioner Woodie Acord said he would ask Sandy Martin, chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Development, to attend the Oct. 10 meeting to discuss the Strategic Plan developed by the Task Force.
  • Greene will ask council about the status of striping on Spring Street.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 6 p.m., in the Auditorium lobby.