Planning OKs CUP


Two quick discussions for the Planning Commission at its Feb. 13 meeting began with a Public Hearing regarding a Conditional Use Permit for a two-unit tourist lodging at 29 Pivot Rock Rd., but no one from the public spoke. Applicants were Katie Hendrickson and Brian Wood, and Hendrickson told commissioners three nearby neighbors had voiced support of the application.

She said the two units could be rented as one larger unit, adding that the closing date for purchase of the property was March 1.

Vote to approve the application was unanimous.

City Economic Development Coordinator Glenna Booth had distributed references in City Code related to new construction for commissioners to peruse. Chair Ann Sallee mentioned she had heard from citizens after Planning approved a plan for construction of a tourist lodging on Judah St. that the public had not been sufficiently notified of. She wondered if it were a good idea to post signage to inform nearby residents of proposed new construction so they would have a chance to voice their opinions.

Commissioner Susan Harman asked Booth if there were any requirements for notifications for new construction, and Booth replied it depended on the situation, but maybe not. She said she would check what Code said about signage and report back, and Sallee said they would discuss this at the next meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 6 p.m.