Pilots loving county airport


Pilots loving county airport

Nicky Boyette

In his report to the Carroll County Airport Commission Oct. 20, Manager Michael Pfeifer said that 15 Cessna Skywagon 180s and 185s visited CCA during the weekend of Oct. 8 as part of a weekend tour of Northwest Arkansas. Pfeifer said 32 attendees spent three nights in Eureka Springs, had breakfast at CCA on Saturday, took off for three other small airports and concluded their flight around the area with an organized fly-over of downtown Eureka Springs Saturday afternoon.

Pfeifer presented a letter from Rusty Knox, Regional Director of the 180/185 Skywagon Club, in which Knox stated, “I was the last plane to depart and had a left brake issue as I entered the departure end of the runway. Michael[Pfeifer], perceiving the problem, found a local pilot who was able to recharge my wheel cylinder and get us gone. Seldom do we get this level of support from a host airport. Carroll County has certainly earned a spot on our rotation of locations for fly-ins.”

Knox also mentioned his group enjoyed the breakfast.