Pigs and pot smokers


I feel compelled to compose this letter to those who would have ear and heart to the words of the Eureka Springs Potbelly pigs that are under threat of being removed from their city limits.

Having lives of professional people my wife and I are tourists that spend “a lot” of money in your town twice a year, and over the past years, we have come to visit the Eureka Springs Potbelly pigs. Why, you ask? Simple, because they are very smart, clean and just a ton of fun to be around. 

When we heard that there were “complaints of the smell” from these pets, we were flabbergasted. We right away knew this was the work of a few miserable persons bent on causing harm to Marilyn and her babies. 

We have spent numerous hours with Ms. Piggy over the past years inside their home and we maintain that there is No Smell problem. Marilyn is very clean and so are her pets. The pets’ diets are comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables, no swill or spoiled foods as in livestock farming operations that cause stench. 

Marilyn’s pet babies are very comfortable around people and crave attention just as any dog or human does. 

We are more offended of the pot smoking locals who pollute the air in the downtown areas hampering the health of tourists as the town of Eureka turns a blind eye. No one on the city council cares of that residue infecting tourists with health problems, but they are going to consider banning a resident’s longtime pets?

We must ask, “where is the towns proof?” Where is the environmental impact study of the air quality around her home? If the town wants to be fair on this bogus issue, then gather some evidence that proves Marilyn and her babies are in violation and not just railroad her because some discontented persons have the ear of a few local councilmen.

Norman A Provencal, D.A.V

Shelia M Provencal, Registered Nurse