Parks’ pecuniary plans


Parks Director Justin Huss told commissioners last Tuesday they might want to prioritize how they intend to spend the one-eighth cent tax income Parks will be receiving again as early as November. He said his staff is pulling back on projects until the revenue flow returns.

The short list of projects would include a workshop at Lake Leatherwood City Park, repairing the bathhouse, and continuing improvements on the cabins and campsites. He also wants to build remaining campsites during the winter.

But what Huss wanted was for commissioners to consider setting percentages of the revenue that would be directed toward maintenance and an educational program. For example, he estimated they might receive $120,000 annually from the tax, and 20 percent would be enough for two part-time positions. He also insisted they prepare for dredging the lake, repairing the dam and rehabbing the septic system.

He also mentioned setting up a vending machine station near the parking area at the park. Having a variety of useful items available could become a revenue source. Commissioners agreed having a repair shop at LLCP would save on repair costs and pay for itself soon enough.

Huss also reminded commissioners of the pavilion they thought they would get a few years ago. He said the pavilion was a great idea, and it would be worthwhile to pursue it again because it would be an attractive and useful revenue source for the park.