Parks on top of Park, pigs and pavilion


Interim Parks Director Scott Miskiel went over continued projects at the Parks commission regular meeting last Tuesday, July 20.    

Core sampling at Basin Park was completed and Miskiel described what the engineer was likely to suggest to the commission soon. He said the biggest problem is gaps in the concrete created by running water underneath the plaza and that they would likely resurface it using post tension concrete.

Rather than needing to excavate the plaza and fill it back over, pipe joints would be laid across with tension cables to pull the concrete together. This would allow the concrete to “float” over the original plaza and would raise the level of the park by four inches.

Hogs outsmarting traps

Miskiel said that due to wild hogs moving to more difficult terrain, the trap the commission previously agreed to sell could not be used. Miskiel said that he and employee Sam Dudley had consulted with Arkansas Game & Fish, and Parks will buy a new trap.

The Pavilion restoration at Lake Leatherwood is still underway and the timber framing is finished, a roof to be started in the next week. “It looks amazing.” Miskiel said. Stacy Stoneworks is waiting for concrete to complete the floor.

Miskiel also said that job descriptions had been revised, and that septic issues at Leatherwood would be resolved soon. In the final bit of comments, he said he hoped to have Steve Dickie at the next workshop to talk about the Glade Restoration Project.

Short list of business makes for short meetings

Commissioner Scott Bardin acted as Chair for the meeting with Chair Kevin in attendance through Zoom.

Minutes for meetings on Oct. 7, 15, and 20 of 2020 were approved with only a short question of whether Bardin, as Vice-Chair, could sign off on those minutes. It was agreed he could.

Commissioners moved into Executive Session to discuss hiring an Executive Director but returned to take no action. Second quarter financials were also approved.

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