Parks’ dazzling displays light up town


Parks Director Justin Huss said at the Nov. 21 meeting that things are slowing down a bit, and he has reduced staff for the off-season. End-of-season repairs are being made to cabins, and docks are now lit up at night.

“We went straight from the zombie parade to Christmas,” he said, contending that decorating town for the holidays has been a focus. Huss said Parks has spent all the funds city council allocated last year for decorations, and is in the process of spending an extra $3000 donated by the City Advertising and Promotion Commission. He said there needs to be a long-term cooperative plan among city entities for how to make Eureka Springs a Christmas destination.

Huss said revenue for October is expected to be more than last year, but slightly under projections. Nevertheless, he expects revenue at Lake Leatherwood City Park to reach $114,000 this year.

Commissioner Steven Foster asked if LLCP will carry itself in the budget this year, and Huss lamented the fact, although he was also pleased, that LLCP would be within about $2000 of breaking even this year. He predicted next year would be the year revenue at LLCP would cover its expenses.