Parking needs immediate attention



I have owned commercial properties in Eureka Springs for over 21 years. I have been pushed, spat on, punched, cursed at and had rocks thrown at me over one thing, PARKING.

A few weeks back a friend who was helping me on a Saturday at my house on N. Main left one of my 4-5 parking places to go to Hart’s. Upon her return she found a car parked in my spot she vacated at my private home drive and was unable to park. She had the car towed. Evidently the $200 or so poorer tourist called the city to complain.

A few days later I “hear” rumble from the City Offices that I towed a car, unnecessarily, horrors!

So the gossip begins, why ask the person about a situation when you can gossip about them, a poor mentality.

On a weekly basis, despite signage indicating private parking, more than one tourist steals parking at my business. I choose to purchase and significantly improve properties on the North end of Main. I did not choose to be hit, kicked or any of the aforementioned things that were done to me in the name of Parking.

I have received the brunt of hundreds of frustrated people a year who are looking to PARK and maybe spend money, what a concept.

As we begin a very busy (hopefully) month I ask you City Council, Mayor, city leaders, economic development folks, to put your rose-colored glasses aside, look at tourist based communities that are thriving and note the common denominator – easy, available parking.

A side note, I also own a parking lot that fits 6 – 7 cars of which I never charge for and I’m the jerk? Really?

Ken Ketelsen