Parking lot expansion modified


Last Tuesday, Planning commissioners considered applications for a tree cut of five trees and expansion of a parking lot at the Mei Li Restaurant at 3094 E. Van Buren. Building Inspector Bobby Ray had already approved removal of three trees, but a new, more detailed map of the project had been submitted so commissioners could identify which trees were targeted. They concurred one of the targeted trees should remain, so voted to approve removal of only one other tree.

Regarding parking lot expansion, Chair Ann Sallee said the applicant’s goal was to add four or five parking spots. Commissioner Abbey Abbey did not like the possibly detrimental effect of adding more pavement, which might contribute to future rainwater runoff issues.

Commissioners read through various sections of Code to look for guidance about protecting remaining trees, and eventually voted to approve the expansion as long as it conforms to Code section 7.56.01 c-d and is paved with the same material as the existing lot.