Obstacle course has been cleared



I am writing in response to the downed communication pole photo in your March 10 edition.

Part of the pole, a mass of wires, an old junction box and tree limbs leaned against the guardrail, preventing pedestrians safe passage around this curve. The safest place to walk has been behind the guardrail. There is little to no shoulder on the eastbound side, so people must walk in a ditch.

It is a blind curve on the westbound side of Hwy. 62 and a major trucking route.

My question is, who is responsible for cleaning up the mess? Eureka Springs, Cox or AT&T? I walk into town every day and it is tricky to jump the guardrail and onto the narrow shoulder to skirt the debris.

Jeff Peters

[Eds. Note: Cleanup was done by Arkansas Dept. of Transportation and AT&T]

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