‘Middle class miracle’ a coincidence?



In the book I’m reading that takes place during WWII, I read that Hitler was credited for Germany’s “Economic Miracle.” At the same time, I’m hearing on TV that Trump’s tax plan will be a “Middle Class Miracle.” 

So I Google Hitler’s miracle and see that it was essentially a sleight-of-hand card trick prior to WII involving removing people from the unemployment ranks – illegal for Jews to work, Germans taking the Jewish people’s jobs, German housewives stay at home to raise children. 

In addition Germans have to serve in the military before being allowed to go to college, military spending is greatly increased so steel and coal factories ramp up, and there’s an increased production of some household goods, such as refrigerators, so people feel good.

I also see online many modern Nazi/Fascism posts about how great Hitler’s “miracle” was and that we should learn from it.

Do you suppose Trump has been taking Fascism advice and come up with the “Middle Class Miracle?” I don’t much believe in coincidences these days. 

Mary Nestvedt