Mayor’s personal remarks


“I would like to end with a more personal message to all the citizens of Berryville. We are living in one of the most contentious eras I can recall in my lifetime. It seems we no longer have true statesmen in Washington looking out for the best interests of the people they represent and working on solutions to the problems we face every day in hometown USA.

“Congress, the most unpopular government institution in the nation, has turned into a partisan free-for-all that looks like a large daycare center that has run out of snacks and all the adults have left the room.

“Outside of lip service, the most important things for members of Congress seems to be their reëlection efforts, keeping big donors happy and supporting their party at all costs, of which all sides are guilty in my view.

“My hope for Berryville is that we will be different. Instead of viewing an issue as ‘What’s in it for me,’ we will look at the issue and ask, ‘What’s best for all of us?’” When we see a neighbor in need, we will open our doors and not close them; when we see trash on the street, we will pick it up and not spend our time wondering who put it there; look for ways to be a part of our community by volunteering our time and talents; go to a youth sporting event and show support, even if you don’t have a child involved; support our local businesses that are oftentimes struggling in this internet age; but most of all, just be a good neighbor and citizen as it will always pay dividends in the long run.” Mayor Tim McKinney