Maloney giving it the voice over


At the last Eureka Springs City Advertising & Promotion Commission meeting in January, Executive Director Mike Maloney submitted his resignation effective April 30. This came as a surprise to commissioners, and immediately following that meeting Maloney declined to comment.

Since the dust has settled, Maloney agreed to an interview and said he has decided to employ his talents completely to the voice-over industry – reading scripts for movie trailers, television production, radio, filmmaking, telephone hold recordings, airport announcements, etc.

If you have ever heard Mr. Maloney speak you will appreciate his talent for dialogue – he has a clear, melodious voice. But what will happen to the CAPC after this voice leaves?

The CAPC has already placed the new employment opportunity on their website and it is Maloney’s hope that the right person will be hired while he’s still there so he can help mold that person into the position using their strengths to carry on his eight years of established leadership.

Maloney is providing a clear road map for the new hire to use as a guideline for direction and growth. He believes the future will bring more focus on “new media” which will require someone from the advertising field with at least a Bachelors of Education degree. “The new director will enhance what we are already doing,” he said.

In reflection of his history with the CAPC, Maloney referred to digital development and social media exposure, which has now grown to more than 76,000 followers. He sees this as a great start that holds plenty of room for expansion. “After all, the CAPC is like an ad agency for the city. Digital is the obvious answer to marketing to tourism, and Eureka Springs is at the forefront.” He believes that he has targeted all segments of the population, but the future director will want to focus on ensuring that the millennial generation is being reached.

Maloney expressed his love for Eureka Springs and for the work that he has done for the CAPC. When asked why he’s so dedicated to a city which he commutes to daily Maloney replied, “Because the town needs it. The city needs all the economic benefit it can get.”  

In describing all the successes the CAPC has made in the last eight years, Maloney gave all the credit to the staff, “Everything that happened here is because of the staff.”


  1. I would hope that when the person is hired, his or her qualifications will speak for themselves and the individual will not have to be “molded”. PLEASE, let’s get real with hiring!

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