Independent thinking


We always enjoy your “Independent Thinker” column. The eclectic individuals and groups highlighted share the common denominator of trying to make the world a better place.

But we were disappointed at the choice of Richard Branson for this honor last week. He and his competitor, fellow billionaire, Jeff Bezos, are creating a new major industry that caters to rich folks wanting a brief joy ride to the edge of space. Their goal is just to make money. The result will be a less habitable planet.

To call the whole concept irresponsible is putting it mildly. We think criminal is more like it. New ways to dump carbon into the atmosphere is the very last thing needed. It’s clear that mankind is in an existential battle for its very survival due to the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere and with the addition of more daily at an unsustainable rate. Yes, it would be awesome to see Earth from that distance, but the cost is simply too great. The fact that our taxes helped fund this folly is infuriating.

We strongly suspect that Dr. Contreras would have agreed.

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