Immigration reform and inclusion



In settling the issue of up to 12 million undocumented immigrants currently residing in the US, I am engaged in a Constitutional review of Dumbauld, which suggests the abuse of process by Congressional and Party leadership must be challenged as part of the legalization for the majority of all these resident “aliens.”

The concept of majority Party right of control – what bills can be heard and voted on – was successfully challenged by the recent federal government shutdown.

McConnell and Ryan have both committed to Senate hearings process followed by the House consideration of any successful Bill. That is a singular achievement, as Senate Bill 744 passed in the 113th Congress, but was refused a hearing and vote by John Boehner, a profound abuse of power lacking Constitutional authority. 

Voter registration as of December 2017 shows 25% all registrants are GOP, 27% Democrat and the remainder, independents. Therefore, the concept of majority Party rule as numerically based is factually false. Service to a 3rd party interest in matters in which the US has an interest violates 18 USC 205. No elected representative can serve any Party, nor vote as a block in that service.

SB 744 with alterations is what we must demand. Congress is losing substantial institutional knowledge with those willing to stand for full immigration reforms and inclusion. They now have no re-election concerns making now the only time such legislation will be possible. No funding for wall or militarized federal security forces until that bill secures the future of the vast majority of residents here without papers, is what we must stand for.

Laura L. Coker