How sweet it is



Another Halloween night on the Upper Historic Loop has been accomplished in typical Eureka style. The residents from Highway 62 to the Crescent Hotel knocked themselves out again with decorations and generosity, giving everyone memories to keep long after the candy is gone.

What I personally love about this event is the reminder that nothing has changed since my childhood trick-or-treating. It still seems to be the most authentically nostalgic tradition we have for all ages. The creativity in costumes each year is spectacular, and families are engaged – even if parents don’t dress up, they are still escorting and laughing with their kids. Teens were respectfully fun and many adults wandered about in costume, as well.

As a representative of the White Street Candy Bank, I report a mutually-agreed head count of 1100 kids this year. The Candy Bank took in a whopping 300+ pounds of candy from 45 donors, mixed and re-parceled it into 5-pound bags, and distributed an average of 15 pounds to 22 homes on the loop.

It was apparent to the bank staff that 1000 pounds would have disappeared just as quickly, so it is our hope that even more donors will step up next year, especially on the corporate level. Special thanks to Mary Gentle for donating 300 hand-stuffed gift bags of toys and art supplies for distribution.

So Thank-you again to everyone on both sides of the candy for making Halloween night on the Upper Loop one of the most anticipated evenings of the year. Let’s all keep playing well together!

Mark Hughes