How strong must a man be to protect his gentleness?



I watched our president read somber words from the teleprompter about the Las Vegas shooting. He invoked a religious atmosphere by saying the act was “pure evil,” quoting Scripture and asking God for comfort. He reads well.

Nowhere has anyone questioned the insanity of the very lenient law in Nevada about owning guns. The assailant had 10 semi-automatics in his hotel room and more guns at home. Why does anyone need a semi-automatic gun? Or, in my opinion, why does anyone need a gun?

Please don’t say “protection,” having all these guns is overkill. The NRA has massive power in our country. They and the gun manufacturers make a lot of money off celebrating guns. Gun shows are everywhere. Many men are afraid of having their guns taken away from them.

I was in our local grocery store when I saw a man with a huge handgun on his hip. I told him it made me very uncomfortable for him to be “carrying” in our store. I did not know him. He said, “It’s legal.” I said maybe so, but it is unnecessary. He strutted off.

I simply do not believe the myth that men hunt for food for their families. Factor in the price of guns, price of ammunition, price of scopes, price of hunting clothes, boots, binoculars, tents, stoves, beer, truck and gas, time off from work, and other necessities.

Of course, not every gun owner is psychotic, but the gun-loving culture in movies, TV, magazines is psychotic and presents death by gunfire as bloodless, painless and justified. Violence is fun and ever present.

Using a gun is not a sign of virility, gentleness is.

T.A. Laughlin