Good day, friends. A good day is when you finally escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and venture out into the wilderness to find the challenges in your world and work them all out… right out on the end of that fishing pole. So here are a few tips to help you along the way this week.

On Beaver Tailwater, trout fishing is best done from a boat because of high water. Bank fishing is limited mostly to boat ramp areas. The top lures are size 7 Flicker Shad crankbaits or Rapala countdowns in black and silver or black and gold.

Power Bait in pink and white, then tipped with a waxworm is the best trout bait. Nightcrawlers injected with air have been very hot as the water has been dissipating and making critters come out of the earth giving the fish all the food they need to eat. Early morning has been best.

Fly fishing is starting to become possible these days. Rotate your colors a little more often in your fly choice – try silver beaded nymphs instead of copper, or a natural worm pattern. The generation pattern has been from about noon or 1 in the afternoon and 7 to 8 in the evening. I personally like fishing, either way, running or still water. Running water can produce larger fish and a nice fat Brown trout from time to time.

Beaver Lake has been very good at daybreak. Try topwater lures of any choice, if it’s twitching on top you have no idea what is going to bust it out of the water. That will give your heart a jumpstart for the day. Heart-healthy.

Walleye have been caught trolling points about 18 ft.

If you’re on the bank, catch your bream and re-hook them up and cast out to hope for some catfish or nice smallmouth.

Please stay hydrated, this week is going to be a hot one. Set that alarm a couple of hours earlier. Try to have a towel or hankie handy to dip in the water place on the back of your neck. Think of our furry friends this week lots of water for them, too.

For more info and pictures look us up on Facebook Custom Adventures Guide Service. And please, take a kid fishin’, look at how happy Lisa and Chloe are!

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