Tough week. This last week of snow and negative number temps defiantly put a damper on my fishing. It was time to tie flies, sort through tackle and dream about warmer weather. This coming week is only getting better every day. So, defrost the poles, and here some tips.

We have neared the end of the Brown trout spawning season and have seen them move away from the spawning beds and into other favorite spots, deep holes, and structure. Try luring the browns with a silvery-white shad or bright, white stick baits. A nice fly to use is white Wooly Bugger with a red neck wrap with silver flash. This should draw them to your hook.

Shiny gold or bronze spoons, as near to the bottom as you can keep them will provide some success. Large minnows, nightcrawler injected with air floating mid-depth work well. It’s all about variety and if you don’t get a bite after several casts with one bait, change locations, change your bait or both.

Crappie in Beaver Lake has not given up the bite. My pick of the week is Mister Twister.  Mister Twister tails are available in sizes ranging from less than an inch long for crappie and other small panfish to 5 or more inches to attract or tempt striped bass, largemouth bass, and other big fish in search of big meals. 

The Twister Tail or curly-tailed grub is a plastic body with a colorful jig head, one of the most basic, but effective lures in the angler’s tacklebox. My go-to colors are pink/white and electric chicken (pink/chartreuse). There’s no wrong way to fish a Mr. Twister but a few methods prove more successful than others.  A simple cast-and-retrieve approach is favored by some fishermen.

My preference is a jigging approach. Count down from when the lure hits the surface of the water until you see the slack form in the line, indicating the lure touched the bottom, then pop it up and begin your retrieve. An occasional pop of the rod tip may trigger a strike from a following fish. What I have experienced in most cases they will hit on the dropdown.  

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