Water is the most essential element of life because without water you can`t go fishing.

Well, I had another fun filled week taking people fishing and I also slipped in a little fishing on my own. My long-time customer and now good friend, Jim Spillman from Rockwall Texas, came up to do some fishing.

Jim went along with the week I had planned. The afternoon he arrived we headed off to Lake Leatherwood for some evening topwater action and boy was it there. We were using Lucky 13s, Whopper Ploppers and Tiny Torpedoes, and bass were all about it.

The light was leaving us, but we didn’t want to leave. Jim said “We should leave to give you enough light to see to load the boat” as he threw one more long cast that reached all the way past a point. Midway back on the retrieval an explosion came out of the water. It was the biggest one of the day. What way to end the evening.

The next morning, we met up for some trout fishing on the beautiful White River. We fly fished some with midges and wooly buggers in olive and ginger. Then as water came up, we switched over to Powerbait and nightcrawlers, drifting them down bouncing on the bottom. This is a better way to cover more area.

All techniques were successful. We grabbed some lunch and headed over to Beaver Lake in high hopes for some more afternoon/evening topwater action. Well, we trolled, and we threw everything in the tackle boxes real slow till the sun was going down. That’s when the action started.

They were busting up all around us, large bass chasing bait schools. A Phantom Shad Colored Whopper Plopper produced again. But this time, it was on the end of my pole! A big ole Striped Bass, (Pictured). Fun, Fun, Fun! We ended on this fish for that evening. We just happened to be in right place at the right time.

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