Free Parking


The headlines announced “Supreme Court Annuls Election and Orders Re-vote.” No, that wasn’t about our 2016 election. That happened in Kenya this week. Their court there found voting irregularities that tainted the election outcome.

According to Kenyan Star newspaper, Breitbart owner Robert Mercer’s data mining company, Cambridge Analytica, along with other Trump operatives worked for Kenya’s incumbent president to ensure his election. Their courts deemed those results illegal and void.

Cambridge Analytica is the same company that engineered the UK’s pro-Brexit vote and Trump’s election bid. President Kenyatta’s election was a third “win” for the four-year-old company, but it is the first time they have been stopped. It’s good to see that corruption can be recognized and countered. It gives us a chance to perhaps thwart the plans in the works for our 2018 election.

Republicon politicians are no longer pretending to govern. Their only concern is winning. Winning for them is stripping the Treasury bare, raping the Earth of all minerals, selling off our parks, buildings and monuments, turning our taxpayer funded highways into toll roads and impoverishing all of us.

Like Trump’s comment (“Have a good time”) to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey still in Houston’s temporary shelters, Republicon politicians ignore and downplay constituent concerns and demands. They are being paid by the Kochs, the DeVoses, Mercers and other billionaires to do their bidding. Our votes mean little and if we are not aware and actively demand verified voting tabulations, our votes will mean nothing.

We now know that not only did Cambridge Analytica play a significant role in the 2016 US election debacle, undisputed Russian hacking of voter registration rolls did the rest. Democratic precincts were targeted and untold numbers were denied their constitutional duty and right to vote, especially in highly contested districts where Trump “won” by one percent.

The questions we must ask ourselves: are we willing to allow our country to become the piggy bank for the oligarchs? Or do we demand change to voting with verifiable tallies? We don’t have much time, the next election cycle is about to begin.