Free Parking


I haven’t been writing for awhile both because of a temporary physical limitation; but, mostly because I am struck mute by the cruelty and barbarism that has become the rootstock of our society.

I have no words for a government that gives a traitor a cushy prison cell and condemns children, fleeing their homelands, to sleep on bare concrete and not allowed soap or clean clothes. What have we become that we treat the vulnerable among us as the lowest animal to be abused and the worst of us as royalty to be exalted?

I have no words for the false prophets who claim they are men of God yet fleece the pockets of the desperate and poor as they indulge in sexual misconduct, often with children. They have twisted the words of the Bible to mean the exact opposite, yet the flocks still rush to their doors looking for some crumb of salvation.

I have no words for a tyrant who spent over $100 million tax dollars to play golf at his resorts and simultaneously snatched food from the mouths of our children by cutting the SNAP budget.

We learn of new atrocities daily. Yesterday’s outrages must be set aside for today’s even more horrifying outrages. We stare transfixed at our televisions, gripped in confusion, wondering, what is truth and what is not. Emotionally paralyzed, we seem unable to respond as the Fascist State chunks away at societal norms and moves the lowest bars of humanity ever lower.

I have no words for our government’s state sanctioned kidnapping, torturing and killing children in outdoor concentration camps along our southern border. In the face of the monsters who have stolen them from their families, these children have maintained their human dignity as the older children care for younger and sick children even as they all endure deep trauma.

History will not just judge our political leaders for the human atrocities carried out in our names; but will judge us just as harshly for remaining on the sidelines as we watch the life and death struggle play out on the evening news.