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Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. Leo Tolstoy

The earth has, at most, 12 years to stabilize the worst effects of our changing climate. The Republicon controlled government scoffs and demands we use more fossil fuel.

Trump’s GOP controlled government has declared that human life is worth nothing but money from the sales of deadly weapons is worth everything.

Our 2016 election was stolen by foreign governments and we ignore the fact that Trump is an installed puppet and revile the victim of the theft as being “a poor candidate” or “corrupt” without evidence.

Throughout written history women and girls have been enslaved, raped, beaten, tortured, humiliated, sold, given away and murdered for being female. The recent SCOTUS appointment indicates that this won’t be changing for some time to come.

Dictators arise from weakened democracies. Mussolini, Hitler, Ceausescu are a few examples. Deliberate actions taken over the past 10 years by Republicon Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have weakened our democracy so greatly that we have to face the fact that we may get our own dictator.

As a child I lived in the aftermath of Hitler’s devastation in Europe where traumatized people filled Displaced Persons camps. Whether any country will come to our aid against tyranny seems doubtful. We are aligning with corrupt dictatorships and we may become a failed first-world nation.

Buddhists state that all conventional reality is temporary and at its core, empty. It’s not that conventional reality doesn’t exist; it does, but when scientists split atoms into smaller and smaller pieces they can find nothing. Buddhists believe “reality” is simply mind stream of constant endless thought. How that helps, I don’t know. I am not enlightened; merely a mortal woman who’s felt the brunt of patriarchal domination.

How we live and die will be determined by how we as a species direct our endless mind stream. In the coming days we will know if our future is to be one of compassion or cruelty for generations. Meditate. Vote.