Free Parking


Like life underground waiting for Spring, I find that I too am just waiting: Waiting for the another shoe to drop. Waiting for Mueller; Waiting for Trump to start a nuclear war for political purposes; Waiting for the Republicons to complete their robbery of our Treasury; Waiting for longer days filled with sunlight. I’m just waiting.

VP Mick Pence slammed Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, when she justifiably scoffed that one-time $1000 bonus paid to only some US employees was a mere crumb. Audaciously, Paul Ryan tweeted that a school employee in Wisconsin was happy for the crumbs of a $78 tax reduction while Paul gave himself almost $20,000 in the Republicons’ tax reform scam.

Whether or not it was Republicons’ intended consequence with this scam, the Government will run out of money very soon, forcing us to raise the debt ceiling by one trillion dollars. Does that number sound familiar? It should… that’s how much the richest One Percent skimmed off the top of the Treasury.

Republicons have long claimed title of fiscal conservatives. Remember when they actually shut down the government in 2013 rather than raise the debt ceiling? Now another lie has been exposed. With Republicons controlling all three branches of government, it’s apparent they are simply criminals who lie, cheat, steal and grift for themselves and their overlords.

To increase their corporate masters’ profits, Republicons are feverishly legislating to end worker safety regulations, food and drug inspections, bank regulations, environmental protections and of course, healthcare; Trump’s hate filled tweets offer the political cover they need.

Trump’s tweets are also meant to enrage and distract his base (which consists of 27% of voting age adults.) Their angry voices, though always only a minority, are now amplified by thousands of Russian Twitter and Facebook bots, which fuel their bigotry and hatred, encouraging those prone to violence to act.

During this pregnant pause of Winter, let’s nurture the roots and seeds of democracy. Perhaps in Spring, the shoots of truth and justice will emerge in a fertile field of the awakened electorate. For that, like nature, I wait.