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Happy New Year!

We start 2018 with ever expanding investigations into the Republicons’ treasonous conspiracy against the United States and Republicons in Congress dismantling our social structures.

Trump’s Executive Orders weakened food, drug, chemical, wage theft and workplace safety regulations that protect us from criminal corporate activities. Thanks to sneaky partisan legislation, the Republicons passed the Tax Scam/Reform bill, now our health insurance premiums and prescription drug costs are skyrocketing with no end in sight.

Seriously, this is going to be a very difficult year. The One Percent skimmed 1.5 trillion USD off the top from our Treasury to be paid back by you and me. Not just once, but twice! You see, first, we lose our tax-paid government services, and then again as our tax deduction phases out. The mega-rich keep their deductions, forcing our taxes to rise to intolerable levels.

To pay for deficits caused by this massive transfer of our country’s wealth to the richest 500 Americans, Trump’s GOP is implementing drastic cuts in all government agencies… except for increases to military and police. The Republicon One Percent may need military power and private prisons to quell hunger riots. Wait! What? Hunger Riots here? It’s possible. No one is immune from starvation and Trump’s Republicons have plans.

Paul Ryan and Steve Womack have plans to end food stamps this year. Children’s Health Insurance Program has not been renewed and families are being un-enrolled daily. Republicons brag about ending Medicaid, Disability, Social Security and Medicare this year, 2018.

Republicon Steve Womack wants to take all the food from our mouths, clothes from our backs and throw us into the street to pay for the richest one percent’s blatant theft.

This year will show us our future… will we be a democracy governed by the People or a population enslaved by an oligarchy of the ultra rich?

The malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous. Winston Churchill

My advice for 2018? Be kind as you can be to everyone, register others to vote, and remove the Republicons from our government this November!