Free Parking


I don’t want a moment of silence. I don’t want prayers for the victims of yet again another senseless mass killing. I don’t want smarmy rhetorical platitudes. I want action.

But the action being taken by the NRA and Republicons isn’t to curb wanton gun violence. The Republicons’ first action after taking over all three branches of government, was to repeal an Obama law that kept mentally ill people from owning or buying guns. So it appears the NRA’s aim is to put guns in the hands of any two legged being with guns on every corner, whereas I would have preferred taco trucks on those corners.

During the last election cycle, the NRA spent almost four million dollars to purchase the votes of Republicons in Congress. John Boozman came out as the big Arkansas pay-off winner this time. The NRA paid Boozman $21,850 to allow them to sell death to our society. Tom Cotton was the cheap sale; they only had to pay him $9,500. Representatives accepted a paltry $3000 each.

The latest mass killing has taken the lives of 59 people so far, which means the NRA paid John $370 per life. Those people’s lives were worth $161 each to Tom. With each mass murder, the NRA’s cost goes down and the value is higher.

I understand that Congressional Republicons have no shame, so there’s probably no point in suggesting we call our “representatives” because they will just ignore us anyway. When the heat dies down from this horror, they’ll pass the next bill that their masters demand.

HR 3668 ratchets up the future casualties exponentially. The bill in Congress right now will allow armor piercing bullets and silencers! Just think if you were in that crowd enjoying an evening of music and suddenly people were falling to the ground, covered in blood; but, you had no idea was happening or what to do because you couldn’t hear the gun!

Congressional Republicons are paid to vote against the interest of their constituents by lobbyists. NRA spent their money well.

No, damn it. Call them now! (202) 224-3121, the U.S. Capitol switchboard.