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The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. ― Plato, 3rd or 4th century BC

Trump and his Cabal are dividing our country into little fiefdoms and have set themselves up as the recipients of our hard earned tax dollars.

Tom Price, head of Health and Human Services, believes that US citizens don’t deserve decent heathcare and is doing his part to destroy the ACA/Obamacare. He does believe that our tax dollars are for him. Luxury hotels and private jets are on his agenda. In only seven months, he has taken at least 24 trips and spent almost $400,000 just on chartered airplane rides.

Steve Mnuchin, head of the Treasury, believes it is his personal piggy bank. He and his wife took a little excursion to be in near totality during the eclipse. They took this personal trip in one of our government jets, at our expense.

EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, fired all the climate scientists and hired personal bodyguards. He flies back and forth to Oklahoma each weekend in his bid to become Oklahoma’s next governor… on our dime, of course.

Trump and his family have blown through their travel budget in less than nine months. Secret Service agents guarding the president are not being paid because their agency has run out of money. The agency is required to rent golf carts from Trump’s company to follow him around at his various for-profit golf courses. They also have to rent Porta-Potties rather than being allowed to use club facilities.

Trump and the Gang are making out like bandits and they haven’t even started carving up our country to benefit themselves as the newly minted oligarchs of the USA.

You and I are to give up health insurance, the restoration of our recently hurricane-destroyed cities, along with every governmental agency designed to help the American public; all to make way for the coming giant tax cut benefiting the Trumps, Kochs, DeVoses, Mercers and other billionaires in the inner circle.

The 2018 election cycle is about to begin. Apathy is not an option.