Fireworks at Leatherwood a ‘Go’


Park Director Justin Huss told CAPC commissioners on May 10 he had presented the idea of having a 4th of July fireworks display at the Lake Leatherwood City Park baseball field to all the department heads at their recent meeting. CAPC Director Mike Maloney said response among department heads was “spirited and strong.” Huss said the total expense would be $8000, and Parks was willing to split the cost with the CAPC.

Huss suggested having the event on Sunday, July 2. The show would keep visitors in town an extra day or two and might even attract a few more. He said the Transit Department was willing to supply free transportation to and from the event because the fireworks show would be a community benefit. He added that volunteer fire departments and churches would provide food options as fundraisers for themselves.

Vote to support the fireworks show was unanimous.