Financials fail to show up for their meeting


The approval of a revised first quarter and second quarter financials for Parks fell through the floor at the Sept. 1 meeting. Time was taken during the meeting as commissioners checked their phones for an email from Chair Ruth Hager with the financials attached.

Director Justin Huss ultimately sent the financials to commissioners, but with two new members and none of the commissioners having looked at the revised figures, it was decided to push the review to a workshop. A date was not finalized.

Huss mentioned that Windle & Associates had been working without a formal contract by the commission and that a contract needed to be created. A motion to enter into a formal contract was dropped as it was not on the meeting agenda and further led to commissioners discussing how to handle financial accounting in the future.

Director and Chairman Reports

In his Director’s Report Huss went over trail maintenance items, as well as a glowing review of the promotion of Scott Miskiel to Project Coordinator. Huss said that the commission had removed the financial management duties from his job and that W&A were confused on who was authorized to define what was needed in financials.

He also voiced frustration that policy and procedure topics had fallen to the wayside as well saying a commissioner had been lost “…due to what he has characterized as a complete lack of participation or communication from all but 2-3 commissioners.” Cameron Denoewer recently resigned from the commission.

Huss resubmitted Denoewer’s master plan and policy drafts for commissioners to consider in the future.

Other items

  • Hager said that the commission supported Huss moving forward and that he had been accused and cleared of any financial wrongdoing.
  • Commissioner Christian Super had commissioners look back over the 2020 budget briefly to confirm its validity. An FOIA request for the budget resulted in differing copies being discovered and Super wanted to find which copy was the correct one.
  • Commissioners Sam Dudley and Carmen Burden attended their first meeting.


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